Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No, I Don't Got.

All right, I'm happy to concede that the "Got Milk?" ad campaign was cute and original. I myself have probably drunk thousands of gallons more milk than I might otherwise have.

But. Please, everybody. Everybody. STOP taking the "Got...?" formula and applying it to every other thing under the sun. It's over.

I've seen Got Homes, Got Wood, Got Junk, Got Shoes, Got Wine, Got Lunch. Enough. No I don't Got. And based on your sad copycat marketing, I don't plan to Get any time soon.

Really, is that the best you could do? I mean, even if you're a mom and pop furniture store doing a low budget ad campaign for Comcast Spotlight* it's okay. I don't have high expectations. But really? The best you could do?

I guess we can all count ourselves fortunate that this idea didn't catch on in certain quarters, such as public service ("Got Amber Alert Suspect? Call 911...") or healthcare ("Got to Pee Frequently During the Night? Ask your doctor if Flomax is right for you.").

Again, let me reiterate: to the guys who came up with the ORIGINAL "Got Milk?" campaign? Hearty congrats, major props, big ups to you. But to all the others just borrowing it? That's just sad. Pathetic and over. As over as a thirty-something white blogger using "major props." As pathetic as same blogger saying "big ups."

*Comcast Spotlight, for those of you who don't know, is, essentially a response to the TIVO phenomenon, as only Comcast could conceive of it. It's a channel on cable that shows...commercials. As in, "Hey, we know you fast forward through all the ads now, but if you'd care to watch nothing but poorly produced commercials for local merchants, it's right here!" It's Comcastic.


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