Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Upon further review...

Blogging from a fetal position is difficult. Which is why I am, temporarily, sitting at a desk.

I did a set at the club where I've wanted to get in. I had a crap set.

Crap set, Ish? You? Say it ain't so!

(Sigh) Yes, annoying italicized voice, I had a crap set. How do I define crap set? Well.

I was first. Meaning, the MC did his time, then me. Those are rough spots, because the audience is completely cold. That's your job-- to get the audience rolling a little bit. Those are tough spots for getting laughs, but you play your role. Sometimes, you kill. Sometimes... not so much.

Tonight was decisively in the latter category. The audience did not warm to me. Don't know why, exactly. Maybe it was me, maybe it was them. Whatever. Thus the fetal position.

It was humbling.

I have another show tomorrow.


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