Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I've been staying very busy lately. The good news is that I'm doing a lot of shows, which can only help me get better.

The contest notwithstanding, things have been going well. I booked a show yesterday, and another one this morning. This is how the last two weeks have looked to me:

Sunday: Show
Monday: comedy class
Tuesday: Show
Wednesday: Hang at club, try to hustle booking
Thursday: class
Friday: show
Saturday: show
Sunday: nothing
Monday: class
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: show
Thursday: class
Friday: show
Saturday: show

In two weeks, I had two evenings that weren't given over to the pursuit of comedy.

"Wow, Ish, that's a lot of shows."

I know! Pretty cool, huh?

"Yeah. Say, how much do those shows pay?"

Shut up.

"How much again?"

Nothing. Well, that's not entirely true-- I got a free dinner last night. I got some tip money on Friday night. No, I can't pay rent with my free dinner, and the tip money paid for about enough gas to start the car and reverse it out of the parking lot.


The mantra (which you should know from reading "the Comedy Bible" by Judy Carter, stupid italicized inner voice) is this: get good; get noticed; get paid.

I think I am firmly entrenched in the "get good" phase now. Which is better than being in the "get a book" phase. See? Progress! And I must be making some inroads in the "get noticed" phase as well, or I wouldn't be booking all these gigs. So I'm not losing too much sleep over the "get paid" phase just yet.

Besides-- I like doing this.

Tonight I'm doing a Hurricane Katrina benefit gig at a coffee house. Should be fun.


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