Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Reporting Live, On the Scene..."

I understand what a dramatic story Hurricane Katrina has been, and dramatic stories lend themselves to dramatic news coverage.

But CNN et al, why don't we take it down a notch. You are not supposed to be enjoying this. Wolf Blitzer, I can practically see the erection you get during the effects-laden "Hurricane Katrina" special report intro.

There is an awful lot of tragedy and hardship going on right now. And it just strikes me as a tad unseemly when I see Chase Strongjaw and the Action News Team, and I know that they're already thinking about where they will put the daytime Emmy they will surely win for their heroic and gripping coverage.

Is there great coverage? Of course. But I get the sense that the newscasters are hoping things get really bad, and that they're disappointed if somehow disaster and crisis are averted.

So please. Anchormen? Please stop solemnly telling the weatherman to "stay safe." Weathermen? Know when it's time to take off the anorak and come inside with the rest of us.


At 6:28 PM, Blogger dewey said...

And while they're at it, the anchor/weather people could stop taking up the hotels that are obviously high and dry and let the residents who have, you know, NOWHERE ELSE TO GO come inside for a spell...


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