Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Night After the Night After

Just to provide some closure, I had another show last night, and it went really well. I got really good feedback from the audience, as well as from other comedians.

The show was at a brew-pub in the 'burbs. The audience was great, very into the show, very attentive and enthusiastic. I couldn't ask for more. (Except maybe to get paid enough to cover my transportation, but whatever.) I had a guy taping my show, and I think that will turn out really well.

The headliner was a long-time comedy vet from Sacramento. He was fun to watch. His act is totally clean. He doesn't do a lot of club shows, but he gets a lot of private gigs-- banquets, church groups, that sort of thing. He had a lot of energy, he really seemed to enjoy himself, and the audience felt that. He tore it up. I hope I'm doing that 20 years into my comedy career. (Not so much the working a brew-pub in the 'burbs, but definitely the tearing it up and enjoying myself.)


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