Monday, August 01, 2005

In the news: Palmeiro tests positive...

NEW YORK (August 1)- Major League Baseball announced today that it was suspending Rafael Palmeiro for 10 days after he tested positive for steroids.

Palmeiro, who recently collected his 3,000th major league hit, spoke to reporters outside the Camden Yards clubhouse.

"I deny ever knowingly taking steroids. It is possible that it was contained in a nutritional supplement that I took. Or perhaps it was in my Viagra, which I also deny taking. Just because I endorse it doesn't mean I need it."

During testimony before Congress earlier this year, Palmeiro emphatically denied using steroids. In his recent tell-all book, former major leaguer Jose Canseco alleged that he had personally injected Palmeiro with steroids.

"When I spoke before Congress, I meant to say 'I didn't knowingly take steroids.' I didn't knowingly leave out the word knowingly."

Palmeiro will be featured in Canseco's next book, "How to go from being a sure Hall-of-Famer to a celebreality TV show freak."


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Shull o' fit said...

he really enjoys wearing those little pink panties, shiny lip-gloss and stockings doesn't he? Oh...I was just surfin' thru the channels randomly.


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