Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey, aren't you... someone?

I am a comedian. Not a great comedian, not accomplished. But I aspire to be, if not great, then at least pretty damn good. If not "Robin Williams on Broadway" funny, then at least "that guy from the Sprite commercial" funny. My role model is Larry David, pre-Curb Your Enthusiasm. He was not that successful as a stand-up comedian, but he was very successful and widely respected as a comedy writer. Yet he could go anywhere and not be recognized.

So you may ask: "just what is this going to be about?" I don't know. It will be about my journey as a comedian and writer. It will delve into my personal life, at least a little. It will probably be a home for some of my writing.

And if you read it, then someday you will be able to say, "see that guy on TV? The one holding the Sprite?"


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