Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In the news: GSAVE... G-Spare Me

WASHINGTON (August 1)- The Bush Administration is no longer using the term "Global War on Terrorism," or GWOT, and has introduced the term "Global Struggle Against Violent Extremists," or GSAVE.

The Administration, it seems, concluded that the Global War on Terror wasn't playing well with the public. In GSAVE, it thinks it has found a term that the public can grasp, and more importantly, that has a catchy, bouncy, happy acronym.

No truth to the rumor that based on polling, they are considering changing "thousands" of casualties to "several" casualties.

Neither are they considering changing the acronym for roadside bombs, or "improvised explosive devices," from "IED" to the catchier "FRED," for "F**king Ruthless Explosive Device."


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